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  • Towers
  • Metal Buildings
    Pre-engineered metal buildings are a cost-efficient and timely alternative to traditional construction methods. DPC furnishes and erects metal buildings, such as…
  • Pressure Vessels
    At DPC, we have the capabilities to design and manufacture custom pressure vessels that comply with ASME safety regulations. All…
  • Field Services
    DPC is committed to providing clients with a wealth of quality field services for their construction projects in the Houston bay…
  • Site Work
    A durable building requires a strong foundation. As concrete contractors operating in the Houston area, we work with established construction…
  • Safety
    DPC recognizes that people who feel safe in their work environment are more productive and more confident in their jobs. We…
  • Fabrication
    DPC has the capability to design, manufacture and install custom carbon steel and alloy piping systems. Our team uses the latest…
  • Welding
    Our team uses the latest in modeling and computing technology to design safe and efficient piping systems for the oil,…
  • Construction
    Ready to start a new construction project? We’ll clear the way for you! DPC specializes in construction site preparation and stabilization.

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